Princeton Rejects – Changes EP

Princeton Rejects – Changes EP

Label: Liberated

Release date: 2013-12-23

Catalog number: LIBEP001

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> Changes (Ian Carey Dropout Mix)
Ian Carey, Princeton Rejects
> Still In Love (Original Mix)
Princeton Rejects
> The Thesis (Original Mix)
Princeton Rejects

Liberated’s debut release, “Changes” EP by Princeton Rejects sets out to create a standard for what we plan to offer in the near future.
Straightforward house music that makes you move. No filler, just solid beats and melodies.

Princeton Rejects, a new musical journey by acclaimed dance producer Ian Carey fulfills this mantra with this 3 track EP.
The title track “Changes” reaches back to late 90′s soulful house and adds a bit of shiny new school deep house flair.
The second track on the EP, “Still in Love” goes a bit further back through dance music history and grabs a bit of influence here and there along its way, while the final track “The Thesis” holds a strong late 80s/early 90s hip-house influence with a future twist.

This EP proves that the past and the future can merge happily together into a warm and blissful melange.